Saturday, 22 July 2017

bedtime story... lol

I've ordered some children's books in German to increase my vocabulary and improve my reading.

Something like this:

But even this is not that easy to me. Need to look up two words from the dictionary.

My husband said I should try reading it aloud but it's so hard to link up the words and put stress on the right place when you barely understand the story and pronunciation.

So my husband read a few pages to me each day... lol

As if I were a little girl.

In return I asked if he wanted me to read to him "The Rule of Law" by Lord Bingham :P

Thursday, 20 July 2017

mixing up with "spanking"

I've recently learnt a new German word, Schlange.

It means queue in British English, or line in American English.

Last night I was doing my German homework, I tried to use the word, but I wrote "schlagen", and my husband was laughing uncontrollably.

"Do you know what schlagen means?" he asked.

Seems to be the German word for hit or spank =_=

Monday, 17 July 2017

"very good"

One week after my husband has agreed to stop spanking me for two weeks.

He said my behavior is "very good" :) if I get "very good" again after this week, then he'll extend the "no spanking" period for another two weeks.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

my husband is the manager at home

I'm a manager when I'm at work. At home, my husband is the manager.

I listen to him and follow what he says ---- when I'm not naughty ;)

When I'm naughty, sometimes he thinks it's cute and forgives me. Sometimes he asks me to stop. Sometimes he warns me and say next time I'll be punished. Sometimes he scolds me. Sometimes he just put me across his knee. Sometimes he pulls my ear. Sometimes he asks me to pull my own ears and stand in the corner. Sometimes he fetches a cane and hit the sofa and perhaps give me a stroke or two over my pants. Sometimes he scolds me really hard and canes my bare bottom and leave some tram lines there. Sometimes he rubs my bottom with body lotion after spanking. Sometimes he doesn't even let me rub my own bottom and make me stand in the corner.

I hope he won't spank me when the two-week grace period is over :(

My husband said "this depends on your own behavior".

first day back to work

No client to meet today, so I'm dressing rather casually. My husband likes my fashion so he has taken this picture -- for anonymity I've cropped the top of it.

My husband will drive me to work before going to his office as usual. This sweet man has also got some snacks for me in case I need to work overtime today.

Still 6:30am, but we're ready.

Fully charged after such a long vacation.

I have a new role from today.

As we arrived my office, he kissed me. Instead of "be a good girl", he said "be a good project manager" ;)

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

the last day of our holiday

Tomorrow I'll be back to work.

Sooooooooooooo relaxed these three weeks. Now I just wish I could be as free as them.

But my husband said then I won't be able to enjoy the fun of shopping for clothes, shoes, cosmetics, skincare, etc. And I won't be able to play the piano, read, do sports or go to vacations far away from Europe.

Good point ;)

Now I want to be human and go to work tomorrow.

Monday, 10 July 2017

"complained" to my husband

My husband has spanked me four times in this trip :( one light spanking, two with a balloon stick and the one at the last weekend.

I tried to hug him from behind and "complained" to him. He turned around and poked my nose and called me "naughty girl" with a smile.

But then he agreed to stop spanking me for two weeks and see.