Thursday, May 25, 2017


Last night my childhood friend came visit me and got me these!!!

We kept talking about our good, old days in school. We used to eat a lot of snacks like these. We used to do lots of silly things together.

Once we were even punished by our discipline mistress and got sent to the laundry service department in our school for one week. In that week we folded more clothes than we ever have to do for the rest of our life. But why were we punished? 

Already 14 years ago. Gosh... Really miss my time at boarding school.

Miss England badly...

Miss the teenage "me" badly...

Miss my innocent, sometimes nonchalant "self" that I've outgrown, badly.


My husband suddenly came over and gave me a very light swat on my bottom.

"Enough nostalgia. Go to bed now, or you'll miss the time when your butt was not sore" he said.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

a special, tasty treat

I've managed not to be punished again today. My husband always says it all depends on how I choose to behave.

This evening my husband gave me a pleasant surprise.

When I was home from work at 7, I saw some arrow signs on the floor. "Follow me", it says.

I followed the arrows and walked towards the balcony and saw this:

Then my husband cuddled me from behind :)

He said he has made this himself.

A reward for having learnt from this morning and behaved well for the rest of the day :)

P.S. We don't have maintenance spanking but my husband said he'll give me "maintenance punishment": I need to switch on flight mode and sleep with my panties pulled down tonight :( so tomorrow morning I'll remember not to use my phone when I'm still in bed.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

no spanking, but still sore

If you've been reading my last few posts, you probably know that my husband is not happy seeing me use my phone when I lie on the bed.

This morning I used my phone as my alarm clock. I woke up, turned off the alarm, checked my WhatsApp messages...

and oops... I did it again... using my phone when I'm lying on the bed.

The punishment for doing it the first time in a day is having my pants and panties pulled down for one day. I still remember, clearly. But my husband would be out for work the entire day, and I also had a meeting this morning.

So my husband said we'll have a variation to the punishment.

My husband asked me to lie on the bed.

He pulled down my pants and panties and put me in the diaper position.

"Can you please don't spank me?" I said.
"I won't spank you. It's going to be something related to your bad behaviour" my husband said.

Then he passed my phone to me and told me to hold it with both hands and keep my arms and legs straight. Basically my arms and legs were parallel to each other and at a right-angle with my upper body.

My husband started a "count-down" from 8 minutes. "If your legs or arms are not straight, we'll start again from 8 minutes", my husband warned.

That 8 minutes felt like hours.

I don't know why but I cried. My husband came and wiped my tears but only said "2 minutes more".

2 minutes later, he cuddled me and announced that the punishment was over.

He said, next time when you lie down on the bed with your phone, remember how you felt the last 8 minutes.

"Don't do it again today. Or I'll take your phone away from you" he added.

after being spanked a lot more than usual...

In 2016, I got hand-spanked twice and caned 3 times the whole year.

In 2017, I have already been hand-spanked 3 times, caned 3 times and "ear-pulled" 3 times :(

And it's not even the middle of the year.

Me: Can you please don't spank me? :(
My husband: I won't have to spank you if you behave yourself (and he stroked my hair)

Then my husband suggested me to check my "reflection journal", something that I need to write after every spanking.

Am I "naughtier"? Has my husband become much stricter on me?


This is what I've found:

Top 3 reasons for getting spanked in this year were:
#1 Wasting time - going to bed late, getting up late, going home late when I'm sick, putting important things off

#2 Being forgetful - forgot to give instructions to our cleaner 

#3 Using impolite words - just once... and I got a "wet punishment" when we were on vacation :(

My husband discussed this with me, and we came up with a few things to turn the negatives into positives:

1. keep a healthy lifestyle - read in the living room / study but not on the bed, get up and go to bed at the right time
2. keep a concise to-do list and set up alerts on my phone for very important things
3. understand my emotions and be careful with my word choice


My husband said we're human so it's ok to have negative emotions or feelings. Sometimes it's okay to be laid back, or a bit lazy, but it's important to understand what is the right time to do that and never let my emotions take the full control.

"I hope you won't spank me till at least the end of summer" I said.

But my husband said it all depends on how I CHOOSE TO behave.

Monday, May 22, 2017

I have...

I have learnt German for two months. It's one of my husband's two native languages, so sometimes he sends me pictures with simple Germen quotes or dialogs like the one above.

This one can be translated as:
Eat your vegetables or I'll change the Wifi password!

Um, but I really don't like parsley and green beans :(

So I said to my husband "I have 4G" ;)

Guess what he said?

"Yes, I know, but look, I have a cane" ;)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

three stages of punishment

My husband went into our bedroom and saw me use my phone when lying on the bed again.

"What're you doing?"

I sat up straight, waiting for a lecture.

But I was told to stand in the corner of the room and prepare for an explanation.

A few minutes later, my husband didn't put me across his knee. He asked me to explain to him why I keep using my phone when I lie on the bed.

I didn't have any explanation. It takes time to change a habit.

My husband frowned but didn't get me. He said he'll give me time.

One week.

He'll keep a nursery cane next to our bed for one week, as a reminder, but he won't cane me.

It works like this:
The first time in a day: no spanking, but I'll need to bare my bottom

The second time in a day: my phone will be taken away from me for 24 hours. I'll use an old IPhone for work / emergency contact

"After one week, if I do it again, then what will happen?" I asked.

He picked up the cane and asked "What do you think?"

Thursday, May 18, 2017

emotional blackmail?

I often feel a bit scared before being punished by my husband, especially before he raises his cane at me.

Is it christian discipline or manipulation? Somtimes it's hard to tell.

Most of the time he lets me discuss or even argue with him with logical reasoning, but sometimes he just pulls down my pants and spanks me, when we're at home.

I'm surprised my husband got me this book today.

He said he's been spanking me a lot these two months so he wants me to think it through with this book and discuss with him.

But the ironic thing is that, he has just given me two smacks on my butt with his open hand for using my phone and reading the book when lying on the bed.