Monday, 7 January 2019


My husband is going to a workshop with me in Switzerland every weekend. We are learning how to deal with different situations in a marriage and parenting other than using punishments. Well, I’m not saying punishment or even spanking is entirely wrong, but since we want to raise kids in a violence-free environment, we are trying to learn.

This is such a radical change of our mindset. Still a long way to go. I hope I won’t become too old to have kids when we have finally learnt.

So these days I’m just busy reading, applying for yet another internal transfer of my job to Switzerland and learning German.

My husband sometimes still gives me a few light spanks but happens only in the bedroom for fun 💕

Monday, 31 December 2018

New Year’s resolutions

I’m still fine. The last two weeks my husband and I tried very hard to work out CDD at home and I got a sound hand spanking as a result :(

In the end we have agreed that we should ditch CDD, and our New Year’s resolution is learning to love and forgive each other. We are planning to have a baby in a few years’ time and think it’s important to change our mindset so that our future kids won’t be subjected to any form of violence no matter what happens.

Hubby got a promotion, and we are moving again 6 months later. Back to my home this time!!! Switzerland 🇨🇭😁

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

I’m still fine

Obviously my parents are worrying a lot about me every since they have found out about this blog. They know I’m living a comfortable life but we just never talked about this domestic discipline thing.

They said they want me to know they love me a lot and I am always protected by them no matter what. They said they respect my freedom and my choice but still suggested me to see a psychiatrist. No harm getting the second opinion right? A psychiatrist not a counsellor, just cos I don’t think I can come up with a solution with a counsellor’s guiding questions in this case.  I need direct advice.

No depression no syndrome no anything —- as expected. It’s actually good to look at what I have been experiencing in my marriage from a different perspective.

Actually I don’t mind being prescribed some rules and given a lot of guidance sometimes, especially if the ideas are way better than mine, but maybe my husband and I should look at the consequence part again.

Does he always need to put me across his knee?
Does he really think I wouldn’t listen unless he takes out the nursery cane?
Does he have the right to decide what is right or wrong for me?
What if he’s doing something wrong himself?

Lots of questions. But it’s good that we’re working on these issues —- bit by bit.

Takes time for both of us to learn and change for our own good.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

two parallel worlds

I have an interesting job. I don’t need to work around the clock. I don’t even need to arrive at my office at a fixed time but I have a fixed salary. I have lots of respect from others when I work. Many people think I have a good job that lets me shine. 

At home I don’t need to shine. I’m like a little flower under a big tree. I never have to worry about anything. Since I don’t have kids, I can do most of the things I used to do when I was much younger. The only thing is, sometimes I get punished when I cross the line. Maybe this is the only difference between my life inside and outside home. Well, there are rules and regulations i need to observe at work of course, but most of the time there’s a lot of flexibility. At home I have freedom and flexibility too, but  sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly how much flexibility I have. 

I live in two parallel worlds, as in the movie Inception. 

Eight years into our marriage now. 

Maybe it’s love that keeps us together. Maybe it’s love that helps me live in two seemingly different worlds. 

Do you spank the one you love?
Do you require obedience in order to love?
Do you punish to show your love and care?

Hmmmm I’ve started thinking about these. Cos of the questions Daisy asked me, and the fact that my parents has found out about this blog and started to worry about me. 

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Spanked cos of python

Hubby gave me some suggestions on programming language a few months ago. He said Python is better than R or SQL, particularly the processing speed.

So I started taking a course on Python last month. Today I need to hand in an assignment, but I had totally forgotten about it (!) —- until my husband asked me about it last night.

This assignment makes up 50% of the course. If I don’t turn it in, I’ll fail the course for sure. But I only had a small part of it done. Like 30%.

I need to pass this course so I decided to sit up the whole night to get my assignment done.

Hubby didn’t give me a big spanking. He only gave me one firm spank over my pants with his hand and said “go go go!”, then I went into the study.

After 7 hours at around 6am, I got my assignment done. I was exhausted.

Then I went to our bedroom to sleep. I didn’t have any energy to worry about spanking, even though my husband said he’ll deal with me later.

6 hours later, I got up and my husband said we have breakfast, and he’ll deal with me after that :(

I didn’t eat a lot. I was still a bit tired —- and nervous, cos of what was going to happen to me.

After breakfast, I begged my hubby not to spsnk with an implement :( I was still very tired 😴 and my body needed to recover. I was not saying I didn’t deserve it but my body was not ready for something really vigorous.

Hubby agreed. One second later I was across his knee.

I was told to pull down my pants and panties. Then he pulled my ear and asked me why he was doing this :(

Without any warmup the spanking started right away. 30 sound spanks 😢 I cried :(

Then I was told to brush my teeth and sent to bed.

What a way to start my Saturday :(

Hubby got me to use an electronic schedule with alerts instead of my old school hard copy schedule. He said if I forget an appointment again I’ll be spanked with a rubber slipper on my bare bottom. Sounds painful 😖

Saturday, 1 December 2018

I need to be spanked for not doing homework

Been sitting in the living room for hours. I’m supposed to be doing a data analytics assignment but I find myself reading a photography book and an autobiography.

Hubby came and asked about my progress.

“Is no progress a kind of progress?” I replied.

“What do you expect me to say?” He asked.

“You’d say ‘you needto be spanked?’” I answered.

“Well, you get what you want”, hubby said.


As he came closer, my heart was beating faster and faster 😳 Why would I have said that?

Turned out he smiled at me and held my hand and took me to the kitchen and made a cup of lavender tea for me. Then we had some nice chocolates. .

After that I started to have some ideas about how to build a business model for the case I’m assigned to.

Thanks hubby ❤️

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Warning spanking

I love walking at home with bare feet ❤️

Hmmm even when I go to the garage. You know, it’s convenient.

Hubby said it’s 4 degrees outside and I should have my shoes on. Otherwise I’ll catch a cold again.

Okay 🤐

The next time I did have my shoes on.

Just now. I forgot :( and got caught... and couldn’t get away with it :(

How many times do I have to tell you?  Hubby asked.


His hand landed on my bottom :(

It hurt.

Then hubby pulled down my panties (!)

20 more spanks followed :(

After I had counted to 20, I was allowed to pull my panties up.

Then suddenly, spank!

Go find your slippers now. Hubby demanded.