Wednesday, 13 September 2017

need a break

Very busy with my job these two days. After working for almost 30 hours to deal with anurgent issue, I can finally go home. Yawn~

Luckily my husband will pick me home and help me drive my car home.

Miss the freedom in my summer.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

the fun of getting married with a naughty girl :)

I'm quite picky about food and love spending money on great food and fine dining.

Last night my husband and me had dinner which was not as good as expected. I was quite disappointed. As I started to complain...

My husband: (annoyed) aren't you picky?
Me: yeah I am
Me: that's why I've picked you

And my husband grinned at me :D

Friday, 8 September 2017

"scolded" by my German teacher

There's one word in German I found quite funny. Whenever I heard the word, I had to laugh. After a few times, my teacher was like =_=

And he asked "Wie alt bist du, Jenny?" (how old are you?)

But I couldn't stop laughing.

And he said "Zehn Jahre alt?" (10 years old?)

I told my husband about this and he was like =_= too.

And then he smiled and said I'm a stupid girl.

Oh, am I?

Thursday, 7 September 2017

lazy girl got punished

I promised my husband to do sports once a week and keep a record.

He checked my record today.

The last time I went jogging was one month ago. I didn't know what to say cos there's a jogging trail right opposite to where we live.

The consequence --- during and after:

Now I need to get changed and run 2000m.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Rules at home

Since Daisy has asked about the rules at my home, I'm going to share something about them. Very simple. Just 3 rules:

1. Love ourselves, love each other. Do not do anything detrimental to our own health or our marriage.

2. Use language cautiously and accurately and make sure it is appropriate for the context and the person we speak to.

3. If something is worth doing well, do it well.

It's not like if you lie you get spanked 30 times on your bottom type of rules.

Punishment comes in only if I need a strong reminder about the need to put in the effort to live a healthy life and make our marriage work.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

one day getaway

My husband said I deserve a getaway after all my hard work. I had to work even overnight two days ago but my task is now done.

One day getaway before another project starts.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

naughty chair

My husband said my behaviour today is good, but if I'm naughty again he'll consider getting a chair like this:

And he said he'll make me sit there facing the wall with my hands on my head / holding a bible with both of my hands above the head.

And he might make me keep the pacifier in my mouth / read aloud the lines I've written about my own offenses to make me feel ashamed of what I've done.

And he might make the timeout longer if I do not sit properly / keep moving my body.

And he might undress me leaving only my bra and panties and put a nursery cane / IKEA flat hanger on my lap which I will be punished with after the timeout.

No :( I don't want a chair like this...

"Then be a good girl" my husband said.