Saturday, 28 November 2020

Safe word

We started CDD since we got married many years ago. It worked okay until one day we decided to have kids. As parents we went our children to grow up in a family free of violence and we need a different mindset. 

So we tried to seek professional advice from counsellors. 

Two years have passed. We have accepted the fact that my husband needs to spank me when I’m not behaving, but with a safe word, and only inside our bedroom. 

We talk to each other more and I’m less like a little girl in front of him now. I don’t know if this is a good thing but all I’m trying to do is being a good wife and a good mom :)

No spanking so far after my last post. 

But my husband did put me over his knees and pull down my panties once — and then he changed his mind :) 

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Almost got there

Nothing happened in the last 6 days. 

Tonight my husband pulled down my panties. Ready to put me over his laps. 

Me: but I don’t want to be spanked :-(

Hubby: nobody WANTS TO be spanned. 

Me: well, sometimes I do. A few light spanks. In our bedroom ❤️

And I got away with it this time :-)

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Caning is no joke

My first time being caned on the back of my hand.

My husband held my fingers with one hand and caned with his other hand. Cos of the short distance, the three strokes were not “that” hard, but I don’t think I want the cane to be that close to me again in at least the next few months. The sounds the cane made in the air was still scary and it did hurt.

Hubby said if I’m a bad girl again next time he’ll make me bend over and cane my bottom. I can’t even bring myself to imagine how it’s like.

Saturday, 15 August 2020

Spanking with consent II

The 20 spanks that followed were tough. My husband told me to put my hands on a table, open my legs as much as I can and stick out my bottom. The position already made me a bit uncomfortable.

Then it started. Very painful!!! Since I was made to open my leg a lot, the muscles on my butt were now fully stretched, and every spank felt like it’s penetrating into my body. The first 10 spanks were terrible. 

Then my husband asked if we should stop there ✋🏻 

He rubbed my bottom. And he said if I took more spanks it would be very uncomfortable to sit. Not a good thing now that I need to take care of the baby and sit a lot.

He ended up giving 10 light spanks with his hand but warned that next time if I’m a bad girl he’ll give me 10 more hard spanks. Then he went online and tried to order some spanking implements — and even asked me to choose for myself  😳

Two items were ordered:

1. A plastic ruler 

2. A very light nursery cane 

Spanking with consent

After lots of discussion, my husband and I agree that we switch to a modified form of CDD for one month and see how things go. From two days ago, he can give me real spankings if I do something wrong. But unlike before, he can’t spank me if I say no, and he also needs to tell me how much I’ll be spanked before he starts. And this happens only between us. We should never spank our kid no matter what happens. 

Needless to say, I got spanked already.

No more cane, wooden ruler, strap or ikea hanger at home, so my husband used a flip flop, a new one that I got for the beach for this summer 😳 Never would have imagined that it ends up in close contact with my bare bottom.

It was a real spanking. 50 spanks this time.

Hubby had the flip flop in one hand, and took me by the ear with another hand. No warm up, and once I was dragged to our room, he pulled down my panties, put me over his laps and started spanking with the flip flop. He pinned my legs so I could hardly move. 

It’s been more than a year I haven’t been spanked for punishment so it felt really painful. After 20 spanks, my bottom was already burning. 

Then my husband told me to stand with my nose to the wall and hands on my knees. A very uncomfortable pose. But then it’s part of the punishment, showing my spanked bottom.

The remaining 30 spanks were a lot more painful than the first 20. Now I need to feed my baby. Will tell you more again soon.

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

When I did something wrong

Our baby is now one year old. My husband has been a fantastic dad and spend a lot of time looking after the baby when he’s not at work. 

It’s hard to have enough sleep when you have a baby with you, and it’s easy to get a bit impatient when you’re not sleeping enough. So far I think I have taken good care of my baby, but sometimes I feel that I’m not a good wife. 

My husband has never got mad at me because of that. He just hugged me and asked me to relax, but maybe we did CDD for too long, sometimes I just wished that he gave me a few spanks on my bottom. Doing something bad without any consequence makes me feel even more guilty :( 

This morning did it again so I casually said sorry to my husband as I was in bed. I tried to pull up my dress and pulled down my panties a bit and looked at him.

Then he came over.

And kissed my butt. 

And pulled up my panties and said I’m silly :(