Sunday, 13 August 2017

when a kid can't handle his emotions

My husband said I'm good at taking care of kids.

This morning we had to leave our house. 50 mins before we did, I tried to tell my nephew we will need to leave, so he had time to get ready and say goodbye to all the toys he had at our place. 15 mins before we had to get into the car, I gave him a checklist written entirely with pictures and asked him to check if he had everything with him.

Then we left the house on time.

On the way the little boy said he wants candy, which was at my home. And he started crying...

If he's with just my husband, I can imagine he must have parked the car and scolded him. But I tried another approach.

I just said "I know you want to have candy but we don't have any candy. You feel sad. It's ok to cry. Crying makes you feel better". Then he just cried and my husband looked at me like "what the hell is this?"

30 seconds later, I asked the little boy "Have you cried enough?" "Yes"
"Do you feel better?" "Yes"

Then he stopped crying.

Good. Then I asked if he wanted to listen to a story or some music. And the car was back to peace.

Sometimes you just need to help a kid talk about his emotions and let him cool down a bit.

Maybe my husband should sometimes be more empathetic and let me calm down and don't spank me that much? ;)

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